I have a plan.

“I have a plan for the next two weeks.” I told my brother over Skype.

“Baahahaha!” Actually out loud, he responded as if this was the most hilarious thing he’d ever heard.

“What?!” I cut in, smiling, “Two weeks is good! It’s the most I can do right now!”

“Let’s hear it then…”

To be fair, I think that the vast majority of my conversations with my brother over the past five years have started that way, my announcement of my latest and greatest plan.

They are always well reasoned, to my mind, emphatically sincere and above all ambitious.

A lot of thought and planning has gone into my plans. So much so that, as my opening line demonstrates, I’ve curbed my planning, accepting now that my ‘plans’ don’t last long before they evolve, morph or turn 180, abandoned to go careering headlong into a spontaneous and spur of the moment direction.

From this description you might decide I’m flaky, flighty, maybe a bit of a ditz. Maybe.

The thing is that there are constants in my life, my career being one, and family another.

How shall I describe it?

I compartmentalize, keep my worlds, my personal and professional spheres, separate (we all know what happens when those worlds collide… that’s me when a workmate wants to connect on fb!)

They don’t meet, these spaces, but they do travel in the same general direction, like someone walking a kite in a sporadic breeze. Or a sailboat tacking and gybing along a line of navigation.

That’s the story I’ve been telling myself about myself these days. Is it really true? It’s true for the moment, because I am living it that way, and that is the lens through which I am viewing my past.

It may change at any moment!

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