Brisbane is for bikers

The first thing I did when I arrived at my new Brisbane temporary home was buy a bike.

I had done a bit of research about bike hire prices in advance and found that the most cost effective way (and most fun) to get around the city by bike was to buy one.

The reasons for wanting to bike around were primarily to rebuild muscle mass after being pretty immobile for the past five months, laid up in Belgium with a fractured hip. Biking, in addition to being super fun, was the no impact way to get into shape while getting around.

As a remote worker, getting outside, being active, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, requires a lot more effort.

For me, it’s also a big part of my process, as necessary to my productivity and creativity as a great team and an inspiring work space. I’ve always been a kinaesthetic and visual learner. This means I learn best by taking notes, rewording ideas and at times drawing. Moving my body helps me think, and my phone has been a great companion in that space. I can pull it out in the middle of a walk  or ride, and jot down notes or even put out a story or post.

My favourite thing to do in Brisbane has been to follow my gps around, getting to know the various bikeways that provide safe access to the city without having to share the main, heavily trafficked roads. There is probably a good analogy there for how I live my life as well. After a few rounds with the gps, I’ve been able to turn it off, and find my way home by memory. That was a proud day for me, 27 km by memory. Just be fore I left, I even improvised once. All of that is an analogy too, for informal learning?

My biggest (best) day: 60.1 km with Mystic Mama (pictured). Not bad for a single speed Kmart bike.

All of these notes don’t make the cut though. They are timely outpourings of my thoughts, ideas. Reflections, stories.

Out of these notes threads emerge. I might take a snippet here and there, but so far haven’t refined my voice to the point where I can (or want to) publish, publicize my rantings. So this not blog will be, for the time being, a collected series of rantings.

And I just realized that this description of my process is curation. Here I had been thinking of how I can incorporate curation, move beyond the limited confines of my own thinking to incorporate and build on articles, blogs, stories that appear around me, in my sphere.


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