The ‘real’ Social Age

Hong Kong is reminiscent of another map I know. I feel I am in the physical manifestation of the Social Age map by Julian Stodd.

I appear to be in Authenticity. Seems about right!

What’s striking me is that so far, the parallels between the city and the map are not just [geo]graphical. My smooth arrival and transition from the comparative chaos of Indonesia was facilitated by skills and attitudes I’ve acquired and honed in the past to navigate this place and negotiate my own space in it. So far I’ve found that this is very helpful in mitigating fear and doubt! Having a ‘mission’ helps too, a goal that I’m working towards.

It goes further than city planning and familiarity. Indonesia too had many ways to get around, channels and conduits to take me between places (here they are bus, metro, ferry, there, taxi, shuttle, moto). I choose how to navigate, I learn which ones to use, or not, and how. What I learn and choose defines my experience. Can’t help but notice some additional parallels with social learning here!

I used online and offline methods to find a place to stay when I arrived and then get there. In the airport, a welcoming lady was very helpful in navigating the bus system. My maps app and the fact that I had a meeting starting in 6 minutes helped me decide where to get off the bus. Pure exploratory luck is how I found a place for document and passports photo printing, just what I needed, all in one little shop, so I could apply for my visa to mainland China first thing in the morning. The luck of the valiant, taking a turn not knowing where it will lead, trusting experience, because not everything is mapped out, the map is a tool but can’t be relied on exclusively.

Where are my dragons I wonder? Indonesia was full of them, I’m curious to see where they will appear now that I am in the land of dragons!

Exploring a physical manifestation of an experimental space is in the air at Sea Salt at the moment. Join us on Safari!


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