4 out of 5! Not bad.

Sitting in a slightly delayed plane at Heathrow, on my way to my first solo Sea Salt workshop.

I’m looking forward to being in the facilitation role again, produced a workbook to go along with an Introduction to Social Learning. While we (SSL) specialise in the Scaffolded approach, the audience I am working with is new to the concept, so I thought to make things a bit easier to digest. Social learning to me is learning through community, whatever that looks like: online, in person, supported by coaches or mentors. It’s about building bonds between us through which we can transfer knowledge, ideas and experience. I once read a paper that expressed this idea using ‘couplings’, as in the couplings on a train. We ‘couple’ with others… wait, that is terrible, can’t use that analogy!

This week has been intense. Beyond the blogging (4/5 ain’t bad!), I had an intense work week, testing my resilience and time management skills to the max. Project work, client meetings, Sea Salt meetings, prep for Malaysia… It all came to a head this week. 6 am to about 11 pm everyday, in order to fit everything I needed to do in.

And I feel energised by it, especially now that I think and I feel we are learning to work together and communicate as a team. We’re finding our couplings, understanding each others’ needs.  We’re tighter. The Safari played a big part in that and I look forward to contributing to a building momentum.


I’ve also come out of it with some topics to cover now that I think in terms of blog posts. The barrier has been broken! And part of it is defining my direction, what I want to talk about. I think it will be limited to three streams. Sea Salt, nomadry and my extra curricular work activity.

To come: Co-living experiment #1 & Remote working in China.

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