Storytelling about storytelling

It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been caught up in the November doldrums it seems!

This fall has been an interesting one. It’s my first fall in my ‘home’ area and I always swore I would avoid shoulder seasons here. I much prefer the decided seasons of summer and winter, when there is plenty to do and the weather encourages me to step outside. Fall tends to be pretty dreary in this part of the world. I’m happy December has finally arrived, and with it snow, cross country skiing and a new initiative inside the project that has been occupying my time this fall.

The objective of this initiative is to identify and collect storytelling techniques that encourage community building and learning on a scaffolded social learning journey. Now that we have a couple of projects operating in this space, it’s important to learn from them what works and what doesn’t, testing theories and ideas for use in later projects and certification.

However, with this initiative come questions about how to make it relevant and useful to those participating? How to make the sharing of storytelling techniques a give and take opportunity, rather than trying to get people to do it for the good of the organisation. With this crowd, that might work at first, however it’s a question that I have had to respond to in different organizational contexts, and is not a new challenge.

My mind tends towards the path of least resistance, so I think the best approach for now is to observe and take notes. That is something the organisation should take on, provide the infrastructure that allows people to be brilliant. Here, not only are we asking for these stories, we are incorporating them into the information we give to clients, making it available to colleagues in the form of a base of knowledge and will use it to support future Sea Salt Storytellers.

Our first meeting is tomorrow. This will give me a chance to gauge interest and see if it has the interest to be opened up to the wider group. Based on my experience with the Social Age Journal, one person driving is not enough. It is a team effort. I look forward to learning from this experience, and taking even more responsibility for the outcome.

My mind is already racing, let the storytelling begin!

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  1. Courage and perseverance. Your struggles will make your stronger and I am sure, you will find a job that satisfies you and help you to reach your dreams. Hugs!

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