My workstyle and lifestyle echo

As a habitual remote worker and frequent traveler/nomad, when I travel I get used to the bustle. I get energy from it, it pushes me, drives me.

Then I pass into my other version of existence, being at ‘home’. I say another version because I don’t think of one as real and the other an exception. Neither is my default reality, they are different facets of one thing: my professional life.

When I come back to this current version of existence, I find I need an adjustment period, a time to regroup and reorient myself. Then I start looking around for things to fill my time with other than work.

I’ve started my walking again. I find its a form of moving meditation that also unblocks me when I need it. You’ll often find me by the side of a trail furiously typing into my phone. Indeed, many of these posts have been written this way.

Its the lowest barrier way of getting out and changing the scenery.

With a life and personality so anchored in experimentation and agility, I find that it’s an extra effort to create a healthy routine that gets me out of the house and talking to 3D people. Rather than put pressure on myself to do it the ‘right way’ I tend to go for the path of least resistance. What is it I really enjoy? What are the conditions I need to get me there?  Eg: I like going to the pool, but I know I’ll never go alone. Something stops me. Rather than push myself, I create the conditions that help me to do this: I ask a friend, and we go together.

Another condition is variety. I like trying new things, vs building a skill over a long period of time. So, I make plans month to month, versus putting pressure on myself to commit to one thing.

There is tension between my story or my idea of myself and the reality that I need to accept in order to be happy. The idea is very attractive, but requires a lot that in reality doesn’t happen.

Same goes for work: the idea of myself as a colleague and the reality.

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