Category: Co-creation

New year, new project

New year, new challenges! I’ve been asked to help build a platform and certification for a new project, Doctor Patient Communication. In French! I’m excited to teach myself new things about Moodle, such as allowing visitors to make PayPal Payments. Building this certification from… Continue Reading “New year, new project”

True co-creation is like a unicorn

During a client call a few weeks ago… Maybe more like a couple of months ago by now, I was part of a call that concluded a project and paused a client relationship. We had mutually reached a natural pause in what we could… Continue Reading “True co-creation is like a unicorn”

Interactions, interventions, let’s call the whole thing off…

“Why don’t you think coaching and mentoring fits with your approach of social learning?” This question left me a bit baffled because it came on the heels of a positive meeting that succeeded in presenting a unified approach from three different vendors. I wasn’t… Continue Reading “Interactions, interventions, let’s call the whole thing off…”

Flexing Collaborative Muscle

The second version of the Social Leadership cards is coming out, ready to ship for Feb. 15! This is pretty exciting to me for a few reasons. These cards were produced in a true collaboration between key players, Sam and Phillip, as well as… Continue Reading “Flexing Collaborative Muscle”

Me, organizing a Journal? What?!

A non-academic peer-reviewed journal. An experiment in validity and rigour, in writing and storytelling. In providing a space for people to express themselves and an opportunity to co-create. For me, it’s about putting all this talk of social collaboration into action, exploring ways that… Continue Reading “Me, organizing a Journal? What?!”

The Story of the Storybox

The story of the Storybox starts in Amsterdam, in November. During one of many cycle trips, my colleague Julian and I happened across a ‘public library’. He had told me about them before, these outdoor bookshelves where people can place the books they have… Continue Reading “The Story of the Storybox”