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When is a PM not a PM?

When they’re an instructional designer. Some months ago I claimed the title Learning Architect. I liked how it sounded, is was an apt description of what I was doing. I’m still holding on to that title, however I’m currently working on a project that… Continue Reading “When is a PM not a PM?”

All Hands on Deck

The title of this post is also the apt description of how these cards went from a table in a word document to a prototype that we were able to use as part of a workshop on Social Leadership this past week. I’ve learned… Continue Reading “All Hands on Deck”

Reflections on co-working

We’ve just spent a few days co-working in London, the first edition of Sea Salt co-working and it’s prompted me to reflect on what co-working means to me. How have I experienced co-working? How do I define it? I work with more and more… Continue Reading “Reflections on co-working”