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When is a PM not a PM?

When they’re an instructional designer. Some months ago I claimed the title Learning Architect. I liked how it sounded, is was an apt description of what I was doing. I’m still holding on to that title, however I’m currently working on a project that… Continue Reading “When is a PM not a PM?”

Flexing Collaborative Muscle

The second version of the Social Leadership cards is coming out, ready to ship for Feb. 15! This is pretty exciting to me for a few reasons. These cards were produced in a true collaboration between key players, Sam and Phillip, as well as… Continue Reading “Flexing Collaborative Muscle”

Recognition: concept implies hierarchy?

This week we visited an organization that was interested in social leadership and our take on what Julian calls the Social Age.┬áIt was a great opportunity for us to practice representing Sea Salt, in a Sea Salty way, showing and talking about Social Age… Continue Reading “Recognition: concept implies hierarchy?”