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New year, new project

New year, new challenges! I’ve been asked to help build a platform and certification for a new project, Doctor Patient Communication. In French! I’m excited to teach myself new things about Moodle, such as allowing visitors to make PayPal Payments. Building this certification from… Continue Reading “New year, new project”

Staying grounded during a dry spell

Glade view

After a few years on the road, I have finally become location dependant. It didn’t happen all at once, but now that it has happened, I have decided to live in a place far away from a big city and jobs in my field.… Continue Reading “Staying grounded during a dry spell”

When is a PM not a PM?

When they’re an instructional designer. Some months ago I claimed the title Learning Architect. I liked how it sounded, is was an apt description of what I was doing. I’m still holding on to that title, however I’m currently working on a project that… Continue Reading “When is a PM not a PM?”

Flexing Collaborative Muscle

The second version of the Social Leadership cards is coming out, ready to ship for Feb. 15! This is pretty exciting to me for a few reasons. These cards were produced in a true collaboration between key players, Sam and Phillip, as well as… Continue Reading “Flexing Collaborative Muscle”

All Hands on Deck

The title of this post is also the apt description of how these cards went from a table in a word document to a prototype that we were able to use as part of a workshop on Social Leadership this past week. I’ve learned… Continue Reading “All Hands on Deck”

Reflections on co-working

We’ve just spent a few days co-working in London, the first edition of Sea Salt co-working and it’s prompted me to reflect on what co-working means to me. How have I experienced co-working? How do I define it? I work with more and more… Continue Reading “Reflections on co-working”