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Personal journeys of understanding

It’s another June and I am celebrating two years associated with Sea Salt Learning. Reflecting on my journey with that team I’m struck by how much my personal perspective on online presence has changed. The past two years have been a journey of understanding,… Continue Reading “Personal journeys of understanding”

Flexing Collaborative Muscle

The second version of the Social Leadership cards is coming out, ready to ship for Feb. 15! This is pretty exciting to me for a few reasons. These cards were produced in a true collaboration between key players, Sam and Phillip, as well as… Continue Reading “Flexing Collaborative Muscle”

Demystification attempt #1

It’s a new year. I’m writing and working from the wilds of Canada, in Nelson, BC. A new home and a new office for a new year. Is it a new me? (Ha, no. Just a resurrection of the old me, more to follow).… Continue Reading “Demystification attempt #1”

All Hands on Deck

The title of this post is also the apt description of how these cards went from a table in a word document to a prototype that we were able to use as part of a workshop on Social Leadership this past week. I’ve learned… Continue Reading “All Hands on Deck”