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Interactions, interventions, let’s call the whole thing off…

“Why don’t you think coaching and mentoring fits with your approach of social learning?” This question left me a bit baffled because it came on the heels of a positive meeting that succeeded in presenting a unified approach from three different vendors. I wasn’t… Continue Reading “Interactions, interventions, let’s call the whole thing off…”

Personal journeys of understanding

It’s another June and I am celebrating two years associated with Sea Salt Learning. Reflecting on my journey with that team I’m struck by how much my personal perspective on online presence has changed. The past two years have been a journey of understanding,… Continue Reading “Personal journeys of understanding”

Learning Design and Learning Architecture

One of the challenging things that I sometimes get to explain is my relationship with Sea Salt Learning. In and of itself, it is pretty straightforward. However, what is challenging is that it doesn’t really resemble anyone’s understanding of the construct we all know… Continue Reading “Learning Design and Learning Architecture”

Me, organizing a Journal? What?!

A non-academic peer-reviewed journal. An experiment in validity and rigour, in writing and storytelling. In providing a space for people to express themselves and an opportunity to co-create. For me, it’s about putting all this talk of social collaboration into action, exploring ways that… Continue Reading “Me, organizing a Journal? What?!”

4 out of 5! Not bad.

Sitting in a slightly delayed plane at Heathrow, on my way to my first solo Sea Salt workshop. I’m looking forward to being in the facilitation role again, produced a workbook to go along with an Introduction to Social Learning. While we (SSL) specialise… Continue Reading “4 out of 5! Not bad.”

Reflections on ‘change communities’

  After a super full client facing day, now staring a pile of client work in the face I give you my 6 am thoughts 9that I sent in an email to a colleague yesterday) on communities of practice and where Sea Salt fits… Continue Reading “Reflections on ‘change communities’”

The Storybox Saga continues…

When last I wrote, I was about to ‘launch’ the Storybox at our first ever Social Age Safari @seasaltlearning Here, I’ll tell you more about how that project is going. Be warned, it turns into a reflective piece about the Safari and Sea Salt… Continue Reading “The Storybox Saga continues…”

The ‘real’ Social Age

Hong Kong is reminiscent of another map I know. I feel I am in the physical manifestation of the Social Age map by Julian Stodd. What’s striking me is that so far, the parallels between the city and the map are not just [geo]graphical.… Continue Reading “The ‘real’ Social Age”