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Social Leadership in Practice

I’ve come down to Hood River, OR for the weekend to work on an idea that has two objectives. 1) to be an example of social leadership in practice and 2) to provide a resource about social leadership for those who are interested in… Continue Reading “Social Leadership in Practice”

Feedback is tough.

Feedback is tough. As part of the first edition of the Journal of the Social Age, a group of people volunteered to read and give feedback on submissions, as part of a peer review process. On paper, feedback should work, it’s pretty straightforward: read… Continue Reading “Feedback is tough.”

Building trust with a virtual team (as a nomad)

I’ve worked remotely now for most of my career, and as a nomad for the past two years. I’m currently working with a UK based start up, 18 months old. Though I’ve been working with this start up for 12 months now, I’ve been… Continue Reading “Building trust with a virtual team (as a nomad)”

Intentional co-living experiment #1

Sitting in the perpetual daylight of the Doha airport, experiencing a time warp in this space between timezones, this seems to me the perfect time to reflect on my nomad existence. During my latest trip to the UK, I participated in my first co-living… Continue Reading “Intentional co-living experiment #1”

Appreciation on my mind.

Something has been on my mind lately, informed by several conversations, my own feelings and a recent discussion during a client meeting. It’s pretty late, and I’m mostly posting this because of the challenge I have given myself to write 5 posts in 5… Continue Reading “Appreciation on my mind.”

Selamat pagi Indonesia!

My travel style has changed in the past couple of months and I find this has affected my time and space for reflection. As I write this Richard Marx is pounding in my ears, refreshing, kind of nostalgic and reassuring, thanks for making me… Continue Reading “Selamat pagi Indonesia!”

Earth Frequency 2016: Trust the void

In the spirit of storytelling and telling about my everyday, I would like to tell you the story of how I attended my first Australian doof (Aussie slang for an electronic music festival/gathering where the music doesn’t stop for three days). While visiting my… Continue Reading “Earth Frequency 2016: Trust the void”

Brisbane is for bikers

The first thing I did when I arrived at my new Brisbane temporary home was buy a bike. I had done a bit of research about bike hire prices in advance and found that the most cost effective way (and most fun) to get… Continue Reading “Brisbane is for bikers”

I have a plan.

“I have a plan for the next two weeks.” I told my brother over Skype. “Baahahaha!” Actually out loud, he responded as if this was the most hilarious thing he’d ever heard. “What?!” I cut in, smiling, “Two weeks is good! It’s the most… Continue Reading “I have a plan.”

Singapore is for community

Singapore happens on different levels during this trip. One is a reinforcement, coming together of the Sea Salt team in person. I have been working with two members for six months and have only met them in person less than a handful of times,… Continue Reading “Singapore is for community”