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Staying grounded during a dry spell

Glade view

After a few years on the road, I have finally become location dependant. It didn’t happen all at once, but now that it has happened, I have decided to live in a place far away from a big city and jobs in my field.… Continue Reading “Staying grounded during a dry spell”

Personal journeys of understanding

It’s another June and I am celebrating two years associated with Sea Salt Learning. Reflecting on my journey with that team I’m struck by how much my personal perspective on online presence has changed. The past two years have been a journey of understanding,… Continue Reading “Personal journeys of understanding”

Learning Design and Learning Architecture

One of the challenging things that I sometimes get to explain is my relationship with Sea Salt Learning. In and of itself, it is pretty straightforward. However, what is challenging is that it doesn’t really resemble anyone’s understanding of the construct we all know… Continue Reading “Learning Design and Learning Architecture”