Simple Branched Scenario for Ethics Education facilitators

After my contract with Arigatou International had reached it’s end, I was hired as a consultant to build and upload course content to the Ethics Education for Children Community of Practice platform.

This interaction is a simple branched scenario designed to lead facilitators through situations that may require their training to come into play. It was used in the online course Building Safe Learning Environments with Children. Facilitators from around the world applied to participate and had access to the online course through the platform that I researched, designed and built during my time with Arigatou. It was a great opportunity for me to put on a different hat and work in an instructional design capacity as well as an opportunity to see how the platform performed and build capacity among members of the Arigatou team that would continue to use the platform after my involvement ceased.

My role in this build was to request and format content, then to design the interface and build the interaction.

[iframe_loader type=’open_link_in_new_window’ href=’’%5D

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